A little video from the Monuments Men Foundation highlighting Rose Valland’s contributions to the preservation and recovery of stolen art during WWII.

        I have always loved Rose Valland. If I could have dinner party with any 10 people of my choosing, Rose Valland would be one of them. Every 6 months or so, I scour the internet (a.k.a. use millions of Google searches) to see if there are any new documentaries or books that talk about her. Guess what? No new books, but a new feature film is on the horizon! Excitement! So. Much. Excitement.

       George Clooney co-authored the screenplay adaptation of Robert M. Edsel’s fantastic book, Monuments Men. The movie is set to release December 2013 and I am excited (did I already mention that?). I’m excited because I love the book, the documentary, and Rose Valland. But the icing on the cake is that Cate Blanchett is playing Rose Valland! Perfection! I hope that this upcoming feature film will give Rose Valland the attention she so deserves.